lion update question..

lion update question.. (November 23, 2011 03:02AM) dkag7
Hello all,..

can some one let me know some of the downfalls of updating from SL to lion?
I think i read somewhere that my FCP 7 plugins wont work..but FCP7 (and the rest of the studio) will work..?

if this is the case, i am thinking of saving a SL version (with carbon copy cloner), then update a duplicate SL OS to Lion..
i would think that should work OK...
I have MAC Pro 3,1 (quad 2.8Ghz, 12GB Mem, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285)

When i updated to 10.6.8, the video card instal was a nightmare... the os pulls the drivers from the system.
i needed to pull apart the computer and install a generic card, then install the Nvidia drivers/merc engine (for premiere) and a few other things if i remember right... then add in the Nvidia GTX card.. a real pain...)
Hoping i dont have to go through that again with a lion update..

Re: lion update question.. (November 23, 2011 12:08PM) Ken Stone Admin

I don't know about the rest of it, but Lion does not have Rosetta which means that you will no longer be able to run apps that were written for PPC processor Macs. This may or may not be important to you.

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