6.5GB to DVD

6.5GB to DVD (February 19, 2012 10:16AM) Jim
I have a preview burned DVD copy of a feature I made in 1980 that's going to be re-released on DVD from the U.S. distrib and want to make a few copies. DVD has commentary as well as 2 extras I edited (with help from this forum) but size is 6.5GB. I was going to try streamclip to QT but was wondering if this falls under dual-layer or any other reasonably simple method. For the record I was writer, director and producing company and do own all copyrights.
Re: 6.5GB to DVD (February 19, 2012 11:08AM) David Harbsmeier
To maintain any sort of quality, you'll need to burn to dual layer discs (DVD-9). Or go back to the FCP project and re-export everything through Compressor again ... this time using a lower bit rate.


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