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Video Recording (April 02, 2012 04:13AM) steve douglas
Received this email from a reader but haven't an answer...Anyone?

"I would like to get some input for a video recording device. My needs are twofold; the first is unrelated to photography - I want to be able to record high quality ultrasound imaging that is output through a Mac Book Pro monitor output. The second will be if I ever get around to recording the uncompressed output from my D800. My first need is immediate, my second is just a possibility.
I need high quality for medical purposes, but definitely don't want to break the bank doing it. Things like the Sony Medical Recorder are way beyond the price point I want, as adding medical quadruples the price. I'm sure there are non-medical devices like this that do the same thing.

Re: Video Recording (April 02, 2012 10:41AM) Hauffen
Steve. I suppose that anything coming out of a Macbook Pro would be limited to its screen resolution. Probably, that would be through a composite video cable (from Apple or elsewhere) attached to the book's external monitor plug. If still images is the output, I think the resolution is not that critical, compared to video.

Re: Video Recording (April 05, 2012 09:00AM) Videot
Just out of curiosity, if the MBP is getting the imagery from somewhere in real-time (I'm guessing it's connected to a peripheral which creates the image), why not try iShowU HD? I suppose your mileage may vary in terms of load on the system (is the ultrasound image being generated by the MBP itself based in input from a peripheral, or is the signal coming from somewhere else in realtime?) and space on your HD (do you have any ports left open for adding external storage for the realtime video capture?)... but it seems to me that doing a screen or window capture is as good a way as any to capture full-res video of what you're doing.

We use iShowU HD here at work and found the company very friendly to deal with - check 'em out:

Good luck with your project.

- Mike
Re: Video Recording (April 05, 2012 09:03AM) steve douglas
Thanks all, will pass the info on. I use Snap Z myself but iShowU is pretty good as well.
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