Re: All plugins updated. :-)

All plugins updated. :-) (November 26, 2017 06:58AM) Christoph Vonrhein
I just updated all my plugins to be fully compatible with OSX Sierra and OSX High Sierra. Apple broke quite some functionality with OSX 10.12 (and High Sierra 10.13). So I had to update everything.

Christoph Vonrhein
Re: All plugins updated. :-) (November 26, 2017 08:49AM) Ken Stone Admin
Hi Christoph,

You do know that it's an never ending battle, right? (g)

Hope all is well with you.


Re: All plugins updated. :-) (November 26, 2017 09:30AM) Christoph Vonrhein
OMG, yes.

Apple changed so many things under the hood, that it was just crazy.

So let's see:
- Code Signing: Apple removed the "Allow applications downloaded from: Anywhere" option from the Security settings. Without that people were not able to even open the installer anymore. There is a way to get this option back under Sierra (and up), but you can't tell that to new customers.

- Quartz Composer patches: There are a whole bunch of formerly totally fine patches missing. Other patches now flip the image vertically for no reason under Sierra and High Sierra. Then there is one that created a perfectly fine gradient, which is now also flipped horizontally.

- FCP's frames for the plugins: The context for the frames changed. This messes up some of my internal stuff. Grrr!

- Tons of more stuff…

And then I have to come up with a package that works under all FCP X and Motion 5 versions. So I had to add main bundle version detection.

But oh well. I think I found it all and it all works currently.

...and I lowered the price for the Fx-Script plugins (for legacy FCP).

Christoph Vonrhein
Re: All plugins updated. :-) (November 26, 2017 09:48AM) philsfilm
So, in order to spare a lot of aggravation, you're saying to hold off upgrading to High Sierra (10.13) until Apple fixes these bugs.

Re: All plugins updated. :-) (November 26, 2017 11:08AM) Christoph Vonrhein
These things are actually not really "bugs"… or maybe they are. Apple might have had a reason for those changes. I don't know.

For me a plugins developer they are definitely annoying bugs. But for you as a user you only need to download a fixed version of the affected software (in this case my plugins).

What apple did was kinda like this: Thing A was behaving like this until Mavericks (or Yosemite) and then changed it's behavior in the next version of OSX.

The annoying thing is that those changes are nowhere to be documented. For example: There is a Quartz Composer patch that simply creates a gradient image from two colors and two points. So I give the patch a blue and a red color and give it the points 0,0 ad 512,0. Under Mavericks (and older) the resulting image is a gradient from blue to red, seen from left to right. Under Sierra (and High Sierra) the resulting image is a gradient from red to blue, seen from left to right. Why did the direction change? So the exact same code creates two different results depending on which OSX is installed. Grrr!

If I now file a bug and Apple fixes the behavior in the next update, then I would even have to check for the subversion of OSX and the compensation for this behavior would get more and more complicated.

Especially the gradient patch was completely messing up my Svengali Rays Pro (volumetric light rays) plugins.

So I rather don't do anything, as this is currently a simple way for me to fix the behavior without keeping a database of what need to be compensated for in which version.

There are bunch of more things that I discovered and that I had to compensate for. Over the last few weeks I had 4 Macs side by side running as a test farm to see which problem occurs when and what can I do to fix it.

I think I got them all. But you never know. I'll probably will get a few reports about other things that the users discover. :-)

Christoph Vonrhein

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