Lost during travel

Lost during travel (December 09, 2017 05:20AM) Jim
I moved to new city with my iMac and 2 HD's,However I can only see #1 and the 2nd HD isn't showing at all. Both plugged in. Also #1st HD is all in Trash. When I pull a clip from trash something out the screen reads this:

"One or more scratch discs you have specified does not have read/write access.
To preserve the integrity of the data used by Final Cut to ensure read/write access to the following path.

I have both HD's in but only #1 shows on screen. Have no idea what happened in travel?
Re: Lost during travel (December 12, 2017 08:40AM) joelhall
Sorry to hear, no doubt this is distressing.

For #2 HD:
I've had drives connect but not mount. Do you see the drive in Disk Utility? If so, try clicking on "Mount" in Disk Utility.

For #1 HD
Open your trash folder. Select the folders that you want back on the drive and go to File>Put Back. I don't know what OS you are using and I don't know when this was put into the OS, but that is what I'd try.

I don't believe either drive would have read/write access as one drive is not mounted and the other drives files are in the trash.

Hopefully these simple steps can solve your problem.
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