FCPX Export for Pro Tools OMF AAF

FCPX Export for Pro Tools OMF AAF (January 10, 2018 12:51AM) game-b

I have to export audio from my FCPX project in order to postpro on Pro Tools in OMF or AFF format.
Is there any way to export without using X2pro app which costs $150 ?

Thanks for helping
Re: FCPX Export for Pro Tools OMF AAF (January 28, 2018 02:14AM) VidGreg
Hey Lucian
I think(?) the free version of Fusion 14 will allow you to export both formats and more(EDLs…). Haven't tried, but that is what I hear. The FCPX to Fusion transfer is very stable, but would require the extra steps.
Might be possible to set up some Automator Service Scripts to facilitate this if you are planning to do this often.
FCPX to Logic Pro X has gotten much better, this is what I use. Big update to Logic 10.4, just installed so looking forward to playing with it.

Hope this Helps, Greg
Re: FCPX Export for Pro Tools OMF AAF (January 29, 2018 03:33AM) ronny courtens
Hey Lucian,

If you absolutely need to go to ProTools, X2Pro is the only reliable solution for now.

But I can confirm what Greg says: project translation between FCP X 10.4 and the new Logic Pro X via simple XML is now better than ever. We have used it on a few quite complex projects now, and it works perfectly.

Best wishes,

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