DVD SP (March 19, 2018 07:10PM) pnutsnz
Help everyone,

Just a wee query regarding DVDSP - does it work good with the later systems?. I am using Sierra, and I am getting crashing periodically. Enough to make it useless to use.

Shame as I like the program, and would still like to use it.

I see quite a few posts to do with DVDSP - so maybe it is stable in the right environment?.

I might launch the program, all is fine, but when I go to select "Add Assets" - it crashes. other times I might be bringing down a menu selection from the top, then a slight freeze occurs, then crash.

I could try another install, or maybe dump the Prefs file?.


Re: DVD SP (March 21, 2018 09:54AM) philsfilm
I'm running DVDSP4 on Sierra without a problem. It will also run well on the previous OS, El Capitan. But it, as well as FCP, will definitely not run on High Sierra (10.13).
What you can do, and what I will do when I upgrade to High Sierra, is to create a separate partition on the main HD and install El Capitan on it. See link below:


Re: DVD SP (March 22, 2018 07:41AM) Videot
I'm on El Capitan — it works fine for me.

— MH
Re: DVD SP (March 29, 2018 05:16AM) Jonathan Robertson
I am running DVD SP4 on a 2009 Macbook Pro, which I've updated to Sierra (the cut off point both for my Macbook Pro and for DVD SP4). I'm using a separate large monitor, which makes the organisation and layout of the menus etc. relatively painless. I've had no problems with crashing, but endless problems (see posts below) regarding the connections, which I'm still trying to work out where they're coming from. I'll let you know when they're solved. I took find this programme just right for what I need, though there are things I'd have done differently if I'd known beforehand (notably subtitles: use a separate subtitle programme and import them into your project once it's built - if you use DVDSP to make the subtitles you're stuck inside the programme and can't transfer them to another project (see discussions on the Apple website). Yes, to dumping the prefs file, which sometimes clears a history of crashes.
Re: DVD SP (April 14, 2018 10:47AM) pnutsnz
Thanks Jonathan. Yes it is a weird one. As we all know DVDSP should not be running at all on these modern systems, but we seemed to be squeaking in there!.
I had dumped the prefs, and installed from a fresh app. It all seems to be stable at the moment. So that might have been the problem.
Thanks to all that helped - appreciate it.

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