Running A/V out on a Mac Pro tower.

Running A/V out on a Mac Pro tower. (April 29, 2019 08:11PM) pnutsnz
Hi everybody, It certainly has been a while since I posted here - guess that might be a good thing as there has been no issues :).

I have a wee query with regard to running Final Cut pro and running the live video out to a TV set at the same time.
At present I have 3 video cards in the PCI slots. I am using one for the main monitor, and the second card has DVI & HDMI outputs. So I run the HDMI output to an HD TV (Latest Panasonic), but FCPX does not recognise it. I went to the website and it states there one has to have compatible hardware and drivers that work with FCPX to accomplish this.

I thought I would ask first, as there are a huge array of devices out there, and would sooner look at something tried and trusted.

Obviously just plugging in an HDMI cable is not going to work!.

Thanks for any help!.

Re: Running A/V out on a Mac Pro tower. (May 11, 2019 11:45PM) XGTV
Your cheapest option if you have an available pcie slot would be the Black magic intensity pro. Higher end models are available depending on your needs but for external monitoring the intensity pro works great.
Re: Running A/V out on a Mac Pro tower. (May 14, 2019 04:37PM) Joe Redifer
Blackmagic Intensity Pro only supports 1080p at up to 30fps, so beware. I stopped using Blackmagic stuff since it's so finicky so I have no idea if they have introduced newer hardware that isn't so rigid to the NTSC and PAL standards.
Re: Running A/V out on a Mac Pro tower. (May 15, 2019 11:53AM) XGTV
Hi Joe, Pete is trying to monitor from a graphics card which as you will know doesn't work. FCPX needs a dedicated output device. Yes the output frame rate of the intensity pro is 25 or 30fps which are the broadcast standards. The card just outputs 2 25 or 30fps from a 50 or 60fps sequence which is what most of us want for monitoring. No? Blackmagic cards are very finicky, but once you have exactly the right driver for your O/S, hardware and Editing software I don't see any problems with performance and reliability, though it did take them a while to get a functioning driver for FCPX. HDMI monitoring is consumer level, but perhaps better than none if you are on a tight budget.
Re: Running A/V out on a Mac Pro tower. (May 18, 2019 02:03PM) pnutsnz
Thanks for the replies everyone. Sounds like I could just stop at the intensity Pro. That sounds like a good start.

The other thing I forgot to mention is I am in dire need of a good analog card / box for inputing analog video from various devices. Any recommendations out there?. I know of the likes of Blackmagic's Ultra 4K BoB - but too expensive at this stage.

Thanks again!.

Re: Running A/V out on a Mac Pro tower. (May 20, 2019 12:04PM) Joe Redifer
I have an Intensity Pro Shuttle and when I have used that to monitor I noticed decreased performance from FCP. However this was years ago. Have not tried it since. The OS keeps warning me that the Blackmagic stuff is "out of date: but each time I do an update of the Blackmagic software, it somehow interferes with other stuff it has no business with. Like if you have FCP7 it WILL delete your preferences without asking. Not much of an issue any more but still... Stuff like this is why I simply don't trust Blackmagic.
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