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Upgrade to FCP X (June 17, 2019 03:01AM) misterpie73
Well, I finally broke down and upgraded my iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2013, 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM with 3 external hard drives) to the latest OS Mojave 10.14.5. I hope this was not a mistake, as I have edited dozens of video projects using FCP 10.0.9. Of course, now I am prompted to upgrade to the latest version of FCP, because my current version is not compatible. (Before upgrading my OS, I used Time Machine to back-up all the data on my start-up drive) Will I still be able to access my earlier completed projects using the latest version of FCP?
Re: Upgrade to FCP X (June 17, 2019 04:27AM) VidGreg
Hi pie73
Good news, not so good news.
10.0.9 was a long time ago. The library structure and code base has changed ~3X(?) since then. 10.1/10.3/10.4 all had changes that makes it necessary to update the libraries in order to continue using old FCPX projects and events. You are not able to open old projects w/o converting and updating libraries. 10.1.0 especially can cause issues and wants to dump all your projects/events into a single library and not maintain separate libraries. This can be ungainly to sort post conversion.
Arctic Whiteness makes an app (FCP Library Manager) that allows you to convert and maintain separate libraries. Highly recommend you check it out. They have some tutorials on their site.
I would recommend you research how to go about converting and possible issues. Start with Apple… [support.apple.com]

Lots of other info out there, but need to go back in time…
(Just finished a video on Time Travel…)
Here on Ken's site is this article… [www.kenstone.net]
Larry Jordan has this article… [larryjordan.com]
Read through all the comments and it says that you can still download FCPX10.2.3 trial version, if not contact Apple support.

Not sure if Apple lets you immediately convert from 10.0.9 to latest 10.4.6 I think you have to first convert to 10.2.3???
Be interesting to find out so let us know if the App Store offers latest version or 10.2.3. Anyone else know?
You may also find out that 10.2.3 will not run on latest OS. Think the last version was Mavericks?? Believe 10.2.3 does not run on High Sierra or later?? Here is where a clone drive might be needed.

Back up more than once on different drives. A clone of old OS and data always good idea. I use Carbon Copy Cloner and keep old version on a bootable external drive, just in case. Zip up FCPX before downloading new. TM has some limitations.
One final method maybe to use XML export from old version and then try to open in latest version of FCPX. I have used Intelligent Assistant XtoCC to update FCP7 to X, but not sure it works with 10.0.9.… [www.intelligentassistance.com]

On to the new! Latest version of FCPX is soooooo much better than the early versions, think once the dust has settled, You recover from nervous breakdown and regrow hair that was pulled out, you will really love the new capabilities, stability and speed of new versions. Great new tools like the Color Correcting wheels, audio improvements using "Lanes and Roles" and so much more.

Of course, if you don't need too, just start fresh and abandon old projects.

Good Luck and Hope this Helps, Greg
Re: Upgrade to FCP X (June 17, 2019 05:49AM) misterpie73
Well Greg, thanks for all the helpful information.
I've just spent about one hour on the phone with Apple Support! I'm not sure what their policy is regarding upgrades of Final Cut Pro, but we're about to find out. (They disconnected my call!) The Apple App Store won't let me upgrade my FCP, it wants me to purchase FCP, which I already have. So they are trying to figure out why it won't let me just convert to the latest version.

Meanwhile, I hope I can return to elements of former projects, but it's not imperative. I have them all saved as QT files, so I can always drop them in a timeline, if necessary, and massage! BUT I do produce a weekly half-hour TV show, so I would really like to retain my titles, commercials, background music, etc, for next week's show!
I'll keep you posted on what solution Apple comes up with.

Thanks Again!

Phil (Mister Pie)
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