FCP 7 and Panasonic G5 footage

FCP 7 and Panasonic G5 footage (September 19, 2019 10:44AM) jakethesnake

I'm a little rusty, because I have not edited in a while. I'm prepping for an edit that someone else is shooting on a G5. I wanna make sure that FCP 7 can handle the video files. Here's specs:

MAC OS 10.6.8 / FCP 7 / Compressor 3.5

Test clips from G5 was given to me in these specs:

File.MOV 1920x1080 @ 23.98 (H.264 video / 48KHz audio)

Now, if I remember correctly, FCP does NOT like to edit H.264 files. Is that correct? I was also very surprised the G5 shoots in H.264. I thought you use H.264 when you compress files for the web and only to use it has a distribution file and not a native editing file.

1) Should I convert H.264 files to Apple ProRes? ProRes was/is my usual workflow anyway.

2) What's the best settings in Compressor for ProRes files based on the .MOV clips mentioned above?

3) Is there a way to do Log and Capture clips from a USB hard drive?

Thanks in advance.

Re: FCP 7 and Panasonic G5 footage (October 05, 2019 01:41PM) Alexander
Hi Jake
1. Yes ProRes, H264 is not an editing codec
2. Use the free app MPEG stream clip
3. Drag and drop

Re: FCP 7 and Panasonic G5 footage (October 14, 2019 04:24AM) Trig Simon
Ken, is this the same case as with videos captured with an iPhone? What compressor should I use to have it ready for FCP7?
I tried many processes to get this impromptu wedding video off my phone and ended up with transitions not functioning in playback nor exported .mov files. But, I was able to send to compressor 3 as a H.264 and it fixed all the transitions.

But, I would like to find instructions on how to get long videos captured with my iPhone onto Yosemite on my OS X 10.3 computer, then convert to a usable file for FCP7.

Thank you,

Trig Simon
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Re: FCP 7 and Panasonic G5 footage (October 22, 2019 02:58AM) XGTV
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