P2 Card for Panasonic camera

P2 Card for Panasonic camera (January 17, 2020 12:57AM) Beatrice horsley
I am looking to replace a now discontinued P2 Card for my camcorder, my camcorder is AG-HPX250EJ.
The P2 card which is discontinued is AJ-HPX250EJ, could anyone help me please with what would be a suitable replacement.
I know my camcorder is getting on a bit but it is still in good form .

Nights are getting a little bit lighter over the pond Ken, just thought I would try and cheer you up a bit.

Hope you are all well and thanks again for any help with this.

Best Wishes
Re: P2 Card for Panasonic camera (January 25, 2020 12:38PM) Joe Redifer
You can use any P2 card. For example this one I found on eBay (link below) is $90 USD. There's another one with more capcity which is like 150 I think. Just search for Panasonic P2 Card and you'll find something. [www.ebay.com]

Re: P2 Card for Panasonic camera (February 03, 2020 10:33AM) Beatrice horsley
Thank you Joe

This is very helpful to me as I didn’t want to buy a new camcorder
Best Wishes
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