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History (March 13, 2020 07:14AM) benvideo
Hi Ken et al,
Can anyone tell me when FCP 1.0 was released? Was it 2000 or 2001?

Ben Bryant NYC
Re: History (March 13, 2020 07:20AM) Ken Stone Admin
Hi Ben,

This is what I found.

Original author(s) Macromedia Inc.
Developer(s) Apple Inc. (1998–present) Macromedia Inc. (before 1998)
Initial release June 21, 2011
Stable release 10.4.8 / December 10, 2019

Re: History (March 13, 2020 08:13AM) Ken Stone Admin

The above must be talking about FCP X.

Re: History (March 14, 2020 04:48AM) Joe Redifer
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