FCPX to Resolve--back to FCPX

FCPX to Resolve--back to FCPX (November 29, 2020 11:56AM) preitauer
I am editing a 16mm film in FCPX, but downloaded Resolve to use their stabilizer for a handful of shaky clips. I am noticing, however, that I've lost some grain when importing the stabilized clips back to FCPX. I'm wondering if this is because I exported the original clips to an xml file from FCP, but rendered down the stabilized clips to a .mov file from Resolve, before importing them (.mov) back to FCP.

I can't seem to find a way to export an xml file from resolve. Can it be done? Would doing so prevent the grain loss? Would that also prevent the slight discoloration?

(Attached photo doesn't show much change, but the grain difference is noticeable in the film)


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Re: FCPX to Resolve--back to FCPX (December 07, 2020 01:46PM) Joe Redifer
What format are the video files in? Both show noticeable compression. Did you export it out of Resolve in some sort of super lossy codec like H.264 or whatnot? Try sticking with ProRes 422 or better. Also is the stabilizer that much better in Resolve that it needs to be done there?
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