Resurrection (1999)

Resurrection (1999) (December 26, 2020 02:06AM) johnoshea02
Hi, can you please describe what Visual Special Effect was utilized in a segment of the film Resurrection (1999)?
Director is Russell Mulcahy, Cinematography is by Jonathan Freeman and Film Editing is by Gordon McClellan
Cast: Christopher Lambert as Det. John Prudhomme and Leland Orser as Det. Andrew Hollinsworth
This effect occurs in a few brief cuts on 42:19 on thereafter; Det. John Prudhomme (played by Christopher Lambert) enters a warehouse and trys in vain to save a victim who has his leg amputated.

I also noticed this Visual Special Effect used in the British film Muscle (2019)? (This movie was shot entirely in Black & White)
Director is Gerard Johnson, Cinematography is by Stuart Bentley and Film Editing is by Ian Davies
Cast: Craig Fairbrass as Terry, Cavan Clerkin as Simon and Lorraine Burroughs as Crystal
This effect occurs in the middle of a booze and drugs orgy & party sequence that begins on 1:00:43 starts @ 01:03:06 and concludes @ 01:03:52 when the main protagonist Simon (played by Cavan Clerkin) takes Crystal (played by Lorraine Burroughs) up to his bedroom…

Can you put a label & name for this Visual Special Effect and can it be re-created with any video footage in Final Cut Pro or any other software you care to mention?

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