FCP X Safety Titles Crosshairs Mysteriously Appearing

FCP X Safety Titles Crosshairs Mysteriously Appearing (January 01, 2021 08:16AM) haefnerjames
Listen. Sorry to bother you w this but it’s the most bizzarest thing I’ve ever encountered.

Not doing much editing anymore. However. Taking the time to update my Camera Reel.

FCX 10.5.1
Ingested QT clips > originally recorded on my Black Magic Video Assist Monitor.

Past week. Clips in place. Happy w the cut. Started posting online Vimeo. My production hub profile. As I check those post playbacks.

I notice a couple clips now have “Title Safe and Cross hairs embedded into the video” go back to the Final Cut timeline. Same thing. Honest to God. These lines were NOT there before and are now on the timeline Clips and the QT files. I had to get my wife to confirm if I am seeing things. She’s watched versions of the video w me and confirmed they were NOT there before.

Can you please help me make sense of what is happening here? I haven’t a clue. Again. Past 5 yrs or so I walked away from editing n only upgraded to X for archiving footage and Reel editing.

I can only assume it has to be something in the software???? But what??? Why (for now) just these clips???? Please. Appreciate you man.
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