Transfer FCP X project to external editor (February 15, 2017 07:16AM) Angy
Re: Transfer FCP X project to external editor (February 18, 2017 11:10PM) ronny courtens
Hi Angy,

Unless you are using a totally outdated version of FCP X, the information they are giving you is completely incorrect.

In the first picture you see a Sony FS7 card (that is exactly the same card structure as from an FS5) with one MXF clip. I don't need to use any plugins at all to import the card into FCP X, it imports the clip immediately and rewraps the clip to .mov. The clip plays without any issues in FCP X.

Then I consolidate the Library to a folder on my desktop. As you can see in the second picture, FCP X has not changed anything to the file. The codec is XAVC, which is the original camera card codec. Then I import the clip from the consolidated folder into Premiere CC 2017, the clip plays without any problems (pic 2).

As you see, it's perfectly possible to import Sony MXF clips in FCP X without any plugins and to send the project and media to any other NLE.

So my guess is that you are using an outdated version of FCP X, which still needs a plugin to import Sony MXF media. This plugin from Sony has been quite problematic, and I guess that's why your media cannot be read outside of FCP X.

If you don't have any backups of your original cards (which you always should have), the only things you can do to solve this issue is:

1. Give your project to any other editor who uses FCP X. Just send them your Library and they will be able to work with your project and media without any issues. That's the easiest solution, because cross-NLE workflows are always a recipe for disaster.

2. If you really need this project to be done by this editor and he does not know how to work with FCP X, you will need to optimize all your Sony clips (select all clips in the browser and choose Transcode > Optimized). This will convert all your Sony clips to ProRes 422 (which will make your media folder very large). Then you consolidate the media to an external folder, making sure to select "Include Optimized Media" in the Consolidate window. The is not the best nor the fastest option, but at least it will allow the Premiere editor to work with your media.

Best wishes,

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