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May 14, 2007

Bit Budget
MPEG 2 bit rate encoding calculator for DVD Studio Pro.

For 4.7 GB DVD-5 Single layer and 8.54 GB DVD-9 Dual layer Standard Definition DVDs.
Works with Excel (Office) and Numbers (iWork).

From Ken Stone

While it's true that it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness, when you need to figure out your bit rate settings for MPEG 2 encoding in Compressor or DVD Studio Pro, a bit budget works better than a candle.

Compressor and DVD SP offer MPEG 2 encoding Presets which generally work well, however these Presets are generalized and do not take into account such DVD elements as Subtitle Streams, Motion Menus or DVD-ROM Content. In order to figure out the most accurate bit rate settings, a bit budget is required. Easy to use bit budgets are hard to find.

Several years ago, Jeff Warmouth supplied a Bit Budget with his book DVD Authoring with DVD Studio Pro 2 and I have been using his Bit Budget ever since.

Sometime ago I told the readers at my Discussion Board that I would try to obtain a Bit Budget for them. This week I was able to acquire the Bit Budget from Jeff, so here it is. This Bit Budget is for 4.7 GB DVD-5 single layer and 8.54 GB DVD-9 Dual layer Standard Definition DVDs and requires Excel or Numbers (Apple) to run. It is very easy to use, simply enter the duration for your audio assets, either AIFF or Dolby 2, Subtitle streams, motion menus, DVD-ROM content and the total run time for your video. Your average Bit Rate and Maximum Bit Rate will be calculated for you automatically.

Excel Bit Budget zip file, 16 KB

A gift for you, enjoy.



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