Software Review

August 20, 2001

Upgrade of FCP 2.0 to 2.0.2
By Dan Weber

I downloaded Apple's FCP 2.0.2 upgrade when it first came out hoping that it would be a fix for the "10 second batch capture bug" that I had been fighting for the past week. Unfortunately it wasn't. It did fix several problems that had been hounding FCP users since the release of version 2.0.

The known bug fixes are no more crashes if more than 1 gig of RAM is installed (I know that this does work, because I upgraded my machine to 1 gig of RAM at the same time that I installed 2.0.2.). It also fixes a problem where the Audio Levels Meter could cause a crash. Apple also says that the Media Management now functions better.

The installation of 2.0.2 is pretty simple. Upon uncompressing of the download file, an installer will appear on the desktop. When this is double clicked the computer verifies that you have FCP 2.0 installed on your desktop. It then creates a folder that has the installer in it. When you double click the installer it will ask where your FCP 2.0 folder is. The rest is pretty simple, agreeing to the license agreement and the like. When the update was finished, it didn't even ask for a restart.

I noticed that the Memory Allocation was not changed in the Get Info window and all of my Preferences in FCP were left as I set them.

Overall a very simple install that fixes a few minor bugs, but it left me wanting a fix for the BIG BUG that is haunting me right now. I have talked to friends at Apple who have talked to the FCP engineer team and they are supposedly tackling the problem, but that doesn't help me in the middle of 3 projects with multiple source tapes.

Good Editing,

Dan Weber
Sensory Communications
Apple Solution Experts

copyright © Dan Weber 2001

Apple Final Cut Pro 2.02  "This update addresses a number of known issues, including:

Trimming numerically in the Trim Edit window no longer stops playback.
Final Cut Pro now works under Macintosh Manager.
Fixes a known issue where 32kHz audio files sounded distorted in a 48kHz sequence.
Fixes a problem where Browser items could not be renamed with the Browser in icon modes.
Addresses a known problem with the Audio Meter window which could result in Final Cut Pro quitting unexpectedly if the computer has more than 1 GB of memory. (RAM)"...... Apple.