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September 29, 2003

Special Effects Filters for Apple's Final Cut Pro 3 & 4
Filters, Transitions and Generators
Download price $30.00
G Filters for FCP - Set G1
By Graeme Nattress

Review by Ken Stone

As FCP grows in popularity and usage we are seeing more and more third party support. There are now a number of players selling plugins for FCP. While each of these different vendors offer many similar types of plugins, it seems that each package has a few unique plugins that make the package worthwhile. Such is the case with G Filters.

How many times have you read an inquiry at one of the FCP boards asking how to achieve the "Indiana Jones moving line across a map effect" (well, something like that). The reply was always about the same; create the line in Photoshop and composite over a map then keyframe a crop to reveal the line over time. Sheesh, what a chore. Graeme Nattress has address this need with his 'G Lines' generator.

The 'G Lines' generator is flexible, well though out and easy to use. At the start you decided how you want to have your line revealed as the clip plays out. Setting the first option to 'Speed' will draw the line at a constant rate that you can control. Set to 'Percentage' allows you to keyframe the draw of the line. There is a is Type parameter which provides the option of either a straight line, from point to point, or a curved line. With curved you have control over the shape of the curve by using Curve Resolution. You can also set the thickness and color of the line. There are also 'Head' clip parameters which we will get to in a minute.

To use the G Lines generator, place on the Timeline over a map or other art work, this generator can set up to 16 points which may be more than you need. At the top of the 'Vertices' section, select the number of points that you want to work with. You can change this number at any time if you need to add more points. At the bottom of this section is a Labels box, which will number each point for reference. To view the line as you work set 'Percentage Draw' to 100. Now, click on the Point 1 "+", then click in the Canvas window to set. Click each consecutive Point number and set in the Canvas to build your line. You can go back to any Point number and re position at any time. To keyframe, move the playhead to the first frame and set 'Percent Draw' at zero and set a keyframe, move to the last frame of the clip and set to 100, keyframe.


There is another cool feature about this generator. In the 'Head Object section there is an image well. You can drop art work into the image well, either a still or video clip (that will play) at the head of the line. You can keyframe the size of the art and even keyframe rotation. The Head clip also works with an alpha channel so you can turn on the "drop shadow" in the Motion Tab for added effect.


Set G 1 is a nice set of plugins for FCP at a reasonable price, with a total of 17 effects. Included with the G Line generator are:


  • G Dissolve
  • G Alpha Expander
  • G Aperture Uncorrect
  • G Beauty
  • G Cool Blur
  • G Deflash
  • G DVNR
  • G Field
  • G Levels
  • G Monochrome
  • G Nice
  • G Saturator
  • G Super Levels
  • G Tint

You can visit the G Special Effects Filters web site to see demos of Set G 1. Also at the site is a PFD doc with instructions and four free plugins. Take a look.


  • G Blur Dissolve
  • G Take
  • G Earthquake
  • G Speed



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