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February 11, 2002

FCP 3 Integrated Manual Indices
By Ben Bryant

I started exploring my new FCP 3 it as soon as I had it installed. The first time I came to something that I couldn't figure out I went to the manual. But there were four of them! Which one contained the answer? So I started with "What's New", moved on to Volume I and finally found the listing in the index to Volume II. It took me longer to find the subject in the index than it did to learn the technique once I'd located the instructions. Not good.

I posted a question on the discussion board here asking if there was a master index. When I learned that there wasnât I decided to make one and here it is.

Realizing that if I did a complete integration of all the entries in the four indices the program would be obsolete by the time I finished, I did it the easy way (Ha!). I copied each page from the individual manual index PDFs (on the V 3 CD) to a word processing document. Color coding them by manual, I put all the 'A's from "What's New" (Black) followed by the 'A's from Volume I (Blue) , then Volumes II (Green) and III (Purple) and repeated the process with the rest of the alphabet. When I copied and pasted, all the subheading indentations were lost so I had to go through page by page and manually (no pun intended) recreate them.

I believe I got it all and didn't double copy anything. I checked all the indentations but I may have missed a few and if I did I apologize. I hope you find this compilation saves you lots of time as you plow through these 4 volumes. All the contents of these manuals and indices are copyrighted © by Apple.

I was ably assisted in this project by Daniel Martin without whose help this would have been impossible.

FCP 3 Integrated Manual Indices  PDF - 112 k download. Stuffit Expander required.

FCP 3 Integrated Manual Indices  PDF - 112 k will open in Browser.

Apple's Final Cut Pro 3 Manuals:

What's New in Final Cut Pro 3: (BLACK) Includes information about new features, tools, and commands available in Final Cut Pro 3.0.

Volume 1, Getting Started, Input, and Output: (BLUE) Covers everything you need to know to set up your Macintosh with Final Cut Pro, capture video for use in your project, and output to a variety of formats.

Volume 2, Editorial: (GREEN) Focuses on basic and advanced editing techniques in Final Cut Pro, including transitions, trimming and working with audio.

Volume 3, Effects and FXScript: (PURPLE) Covers Final Cut Pro's compositing tools, including motion settings, filters, generators, and how to use FXScript to create your own custom filters and generators.

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