The Come Hither Look: "SEX" in Advertising - By Dr. Eugene J. Hall
I want to talk to you about "sex". No, dear reader, not the down and dirty, fun kind. Not the utilitarian type used for procreation, either. This type of "sex" is the kind of message that you, as a media professional are bombarded with on an almost constant basis in magazine ads, in web advertising and at conventions and trade shows. It is no secret that sex sells but it's always interesting to take a look at how different types of "sex" are used to sell product to people who are in media production. You, as a media professional, probably like to think that you are fairly media savvy and have probably "seen it all" in advertising, but how many times have you really given any thought to the implications of the ads aimed at you? - 3/5/06

"I Like Mic" - By Beaufort Johnson
I just bought a new camcorder down at Crazy Guillermos's (he's the video dealer down in Houston, free chips and salsa - they sell video cameras but they can also make you a great deal on washers and freezers, too) and he said I didn't need no extra microphone sitting on top of this camcorder he sold me, because (he said), it's already got a built-in microphone. Will wonders never cease? - 1/11/06

Film to Disk - One man's horror story - By Eric Hvisc
I'm a projectionist for a film series, at a local community college where I work. It's a low-key affair: we show mostly recent foreign films. The theatre we work in was originally designed for live theatrical and musical performances. It has a very steep rake and when first built had no facilities for movie projection. When the decision was made to have this film series back in the early eighties, our first order of business was to build a working projection booth. Because of the design of the theatre and the lobby we had to build a narrow space mounting the projectors high near the ceiling, making the possibility of 35mm film projection almost impossible. - 10/12/05








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