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GoPro HD HERO2 -   Review by Steve Douglas      NEW

Drift HD Camcorder -   Review by Steve Douglas

Oregon Scientific ATC9K Camcorder -   Review by Steve Douglas

In Focus - Sony NEX FS-100 -   Review by Gabe Strong

Tachyon XC HD Camcorder -   Review by Steve Douglas

GoPro HD HERO LCD BACPAC -   Review by Steve Douglas

Contour HD Camcorder -   By Steve Douglas

GoPro HERO HD Cam -   By Steve Douglas

Panasonic HDC-TM700 Camcorder -   By David A. Saraceno

JVC GY HM-100 - Likes and Gripes -   By Rick Young

Production Diary - Panasonic AG-HPX300 -   By Dan Brockett

Sony - XD Formats and Drivers -   By Ken Stone

Impressions of the Panasonic HPX-171 -   By Rick Young

Panasonic's HPX170 -   By Dan Brockett

Sony "Handycam" HDR-TG1 and FCP 6 -   By Aaron Cullen

Impressions of the EX1 -   by Rick Young

High Definition Digital Cinema -   by Brian Dalton

HVX 200 - Bare Bones Firewire Import to FCP (5.1.2) -   by Ken Stone

How To Shoot a Network TV Pilot With the Panasonic HVX-200  - by Dan Brockett

HVX 200 - Streets of Birmingham -   Review by Rick Young

The Sony HVR-Z1U HDV Camera -   Review by Brandon Fullmer

Panasonic AGDVX100 / Sony PD-150 Comparison Shoot -   by Noah Kadner

Working with the Panasonic AG-DVX100, Final Cut Pro and Cinema Tools -   by Andrew M. Lau

The New Canon XL-1S -   Larry Kausch

      Camera Gear

Flashpoint 3Pod V3AH Aluminum Tripod with Fluid Head -   by Steve Douglas      NEW

Que Audio Sniper PRO Kit for the Zoom H4n & DSLRs -   by Steve Douglas

SmallHD's DP4 -   by David Saraceno

Marshall V-LCD50-HDMI 5" DSLR Monitor -   Steve Douglas

K-Tek Norbert DSLR Camera Mounts -   Steve Douglas

Gitzo Microphone GB1540 Boom Pole -   Steve Douglas

Eye of Mine Underwater Housing -   Steve Douglas

Trek-Tech Essentials Kit -   David A. Saraceno

Manfrotto 547B Tripod and 701HDV Head Combo -   by Steve Douglas

Gorillapod™ Focus -   by David A. Saraceno

Light & Motion's Fathom 90-Degree Lens -   Review by Steve Douglas

Red Rock Micro M2 Cinema Lens Adapter -   By Larry "Lawrence" Jordan"

A Budget HD Field Kit -   Philip Hodgetts

O-Ring Care for the Underwater Shooter -   Steve Douglas

Camhandle -   by David A. Saraceno

Video Image's Balance Beam -   by Steve Douglas

FireStore FS-100 DTE® (v.3.0 firmware) -   by David A. Saraceno

Box-FS Holder for Focus FS-100 -   by David A. Saraceno

JimmyBox -   by David A. Saraceno

DvMultiRig Pro Versatile Camera Mount and Brace -   Review by David A. Saraceno

Tiffen's Steadicam Merlin -   Review by David A. Saraceno

Gates Underwater Housing for the Sony FX1 & Z1U -   Review by Steve Douglas

Field of (Vision) Dreams. A Revolution in Underwater Video Lenses for HD, DV and 16:9 -   Review by Jay Garbose

Review of the Varizoom Stealth DVX Zoom Controller -   Review by Noah Kadner

      Camera Lights

Flashpoint 320 Monolight, 7.2" Air Lightstand & Glow Softbox -   by Steve Douglas      NEW

Nocturnal Lights M700i Underwater Video/Spotter Light -   by Steve Douglas

Flashpoint DG600 Monolight Strobe -   by Steve Douglas

Croma Light -   by Loren Miller

Keldan Luna 4 V Underwater Video Lights -   by Steve Douglas

Keldan Luna 8 LA-V High CRI LED -   by Steve Douglas

F & V Z96 LED Light -   by Steve Douglas

Litepanel's Hybrid LED Light -   by Steve Douglas

Bring On The Glamour! The Stellar Lighting Diva Ring Light -   by Dan Brockett

Interfit Super Cool-lite 9 Studio Lighting -   by Steve Douglas

Litepanel's Micro Pro -   by Steve Douglas

Light and Motion Sunray 2000 Video Lights -   by Steve Douglas

FloLight LED500 Light -   by David A. Saraceno

Litepanels-Micro -   by Steve Douglas

VIDLED DELUXE LED Light - Review -   by David A. Saraceno

Photoflex's SilverDome NXT Softbox Kit -   by Jerry Jones

      Camera Cases

ThinkTank's Airport Addicted -   Review by Steve Douglas      NEW

Think Tank's Logistics Manager -   Review by Steve Douglas

Think Tank's Multimedia Wired Up 20 -   Review by Steve Douglas

ThinkTank's Humongous Bazooka Tripod Case -   by Steve Douglas

Lowepro Commercial AW Camera Bag -   by Steve Douglas

Think Tank Photo's Airport Security V2.0 -   by Steve Douglas

Lowepro Dry Zone Camera Bag -   Review by Steve Douglas

Otterbox 3500 Waterproof Case -   by Steve Douglas

Petrol Caboose Backpack -   by Steve Douglas

OtterBox Laptop Case -   Steve Douglas

      Hardware Reviews

ProAm's 7" Iris Pro HD LCD Monitor -   by Steve Douglas      NEW

ProAm USA Orion DVC210 Crane -   by Steve Douglas      NEW

Flashpoint Tabletop Tripods -   by Steve Douglas

Dive and See DNC-5" Underwater Monitor -   by Steve Douglas

NVIDIA's Quadro 4000 for Mac Graphics Card -   by Steve Douglas

Matrox MXO2 Thunderbolt - Encoding and Broadcast Monitoring -   by Ken Stone

Editors Keys SL 300 USB Microphone and Vocal Booth Pro 2 -   Review by Steve Douglas

Zoom H4n Audio Recorder -   Review by Steve Douglas

Zoom H1 Recorder -   Review by Steve Douglas

Eizo CG245W Self-Calibrating Computer Monitor -   Review by Steve Douglas

Editors Keys SL 600 USB Mic -   Review by Steve Douglas

SOHOTANK ST8 - Stardom Storage Solutions -   Review by Shane Ross

Holophone's PortaMic PRO Surround Microphone -   Review by Steve Douglas

StormChaser WindCutters for Wind Noise & Stick On WindCutters -   Review by Steve Douglas

Azden SGM-1X Shotgun Microphone -   Review by Steve Douglas

Editors Keys - Audio Studio -   Review by Steve Douglas

Wi-Fire -   Review by David A. Saraceno

Focal XS 2.1 Multimedia Sound System -   Review by Steve Douglas

Matrox CompressHD -   Review by David A. Saraceno

Panasonic's AG-HPG20 Portable Recorder -   Review by Dan Brockett

OWC Mercury Pro 8x Blu-Ray™ Pioneer BDR-203 External Quad Interface External 8x Blu-Ray™ Burner -   Review by David A. Saraceno

Azden 105 LT Series Wireless Microphone System -   Review by Steve Douglas

MXL USB. 009 Microphone -   Review by Steve Douglas

Herman Miller's Embody Chair -   Review by Steve Douglas

Elgato Turbo .264 HD -   Review by Steve Douglas

Bits Limited Smart Strip -   Review by Steve Douglas

Voyager HDD Dock -   David A. Saraceno

Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro -   by Steve Douglas

Matrox MXO2 -   by Steve Douglas

APC Surge Arrest-Performance Series -   by Steve Douglas

Matrox MXO -   by Ken Stone

Three Tools for Tapeless Video Media Backup/Editing -   David A. Saraceno

DYMO DiscPainter -   David A. Saraceno

Controlling Apple's Color - EclipseCX Control Surface -   Patrick Inhofer

Elgato Turbo.264 Video Encoder -   Review by Steve Douglas

Snowball Professional USB Microphone -   by Steve Douglas

Specialist Keyboard for Apple Final Cut Pro -   Review by Steve Douglas

Graphics Cards for Final Cut Pro and Motion -   by Christoph Vorhein

MyVu Video Glasses -   Review by Loren S. Miller

Blackmagic Design Decklink HD Pro, HDLink and Apple 23" Cinema Display -   Review by Graeme Nattress

Logic Apple Pro Keyboard for Final Cut Pro -   Review by Gretta Wing Miller

Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer -   by Paul Marengo Kona SD Capture Card -   by Patrick Inhofer

4-Port USB Audio Hub -   by Ken Stone

iMic - USB Audio for Macs -   by Charles Roberts

Low Cost Shotgun Microphone Comparison -   Dan Brockett

Professional Mini-Disc Recorder Review -   Dan Brockett

RTMac Does Video Editing Right   Three-layer realtime editing PCI Card for Final Cut Pro -   Mark H. Anbinder

FCP Portable Studio  LaCie and VST FireWire Pocket drives tested -  Ned Soltz

Post-Op Video's EZ Keyboard for Final Cut Pro  Charles Roberts

Shuttle Pro Multimedia Controller by Contour Design  Charles Roberts

      Storage and Capture Cards

Promise Pegasus RAID -   by Ken Stone      NEW

Accusys A08S-PS RAID PCI Express -   Review by Steve Douglas      NEW

OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G 240 GB SSD -   Review by David A. Saraceno

CalDigit USB3 AV Drive -   Review by David A. Saraceno

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Mercury Playback Engine NVIDIA CUDA Acceleration -   Review by David A. Saraceno

Stardom 2.5" Pro Drive 2520 -   Review by David A. Saraceno

iStoragePro iT2PKTV Portable RAID Drive -   Review by David A. Saraceno

Matrox CompressHD -   Review by David A. Saraceno

Data Robotic's DroboPro -   Review by Steve Douglas

CalDigit VR Mini -   by Brian Gary

Backup Strategies Part 1 -   by Brian Gary

CalDigit HDPro -   Review by Philip Hodgetts

HDPro vs Xserve RAID -   Jared Picune

Caldigit HDPro - RAIDs -   by Shane Ross

CalDigit S2VR Duo Review...and Firewire VR -   by Shane Ross

RAID IT  - Rick Young

G-RAID mini 320GB/5400 -   David A. Saraceno

MetaSAN by Tiger-Technology Review -   Review by Graeme Nattress

SeriTek/1SEN2 External Dual Drive -   Review by David A. Saraceno

WiebeTech ComboGB 60GB/7200RPM Portable Drive -   Review by David A. Saraceno

Apple Xserve RAID -   Review by Charles F. McConathy

Capture Cards and Codecs  - Marco Solorio

Configuration of Non-Linear Digital Video Editing Systems   - Charles F. McConathy      Revised 6/1/04

A little animated about 24p?   Article, photos and images by   - Marco Solorio

FCP, DV and the Audio Mixing Board   Instructions and Audio Wiring Schematic   - Ian Sutherland and Ken Stone

Capture Cards and Codecs  - Marco Solorio

RAID(s) defined  - by Jon Golden

Arrays, Raid Drives and Striping   How they work   - Ron Lindeboom

Using the Contour ShuttlePro  - By Dave Hardy

Using EIDE Drives in DV  - Kathlyn Lindeboom

How to add a THIRD internal ATA hard drive to your G4   - Ben Bryant

Underwater Camera Housings   - Ian Sutherland

Installing Internal Storage Devices   -  Step by step instructions for installing ATA drives - Apple TIL

Analog Cards vs. FireWire Input   - Lowell Kay



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