Re: Will Mountain Lion kill off FCP 7

Will Mountain Lion kill off FCP 7 (February 19, 2012 10:01AM) Ken Stone Admin
Hi Guys,

Don't know for sure but it looks like 'Mountain Lion' is 64-bit kernel only. So it could be that any 32-bit programs won't run on "Mountain Lion". FCP 7 is 32-bit, so it may no longer run .

This also means that some older Macs will not be able to upgrade. Have to wait for the official word from Apple.


Re: Will Mountain Lion kill off FCP 7 (February 19, 2012 10:19AM) Joe Redifer
They sure are getting rid of regular ol' Lion in a hurry. That thing isn't even a year old.
Re: Will Mountain Lion kill off FCP 7 (February 19, 2012 12:32PM) XGTV
Apple seems to be tightening it's grip. With Mountain Lions Gatekeeper it seems that increasingly they want us to get all of our content through them, Stalin would be proud. I can't even Bluetooth a picture from an iPhone to an Apple computer ! I've just about had it with Apple.
Re: Will Mountain Lion kill off FCP 7 (February 19, 2012 12:55PM) Jon Chappell
Re: Will Mountain Lion kill off FCP 7 (February 19, 2012 02:17PM) XGTV
I also predict that Windows will go this way eventually so you'd better get used to it.

Really ! I've worked in the creative media industry for perhaps as long as you have been alive Jon and I'll do exactly what I want to do with my computer. I won't be told what I can or can't do by it's manufacturer when I could do before, it's none of their business. If I buy a computer I want it to do more than the previous one, have better connectivity, not less. Imagine buying a new car then finding that it will only accept, for instance, Ford fuel, and that the built in GPS restricts where I can drive. Maybe if my house isn't on the "approved list" I cant even drive home. Well I wouldn't buy it, would you. I'd keep the old one and drive where I damned well like. Same comparison. A prediction of my own. The optical disk drive is about to disappear. THEN they will have total control.

My long love affair with Apple is headed for divorce.
Re: Will Mountain Lion kill off FCP 7 (February 19, 2012 08:42PM) ronny courtens
Hey guys,

Nothing to be worried about. As many others I have a prerelease copy of Mountain Lion (not breaking any NDA here, anyone in the developer program who pays an extra 99 bucks a year can have access to prerelease OS) and I don't see where the problem is. FCP7 works on it, just like most other 32-bit programs I frequently use.

The fears about Gatekeeper are way out of perspective. I think it is a good thing to at least warn people that certain applications will not run as expected on a certain system, or even refuse to install those apps if they will give serious problems. I don't see this as a violation of my freedom of choice, it's decent company policy. To go on with the car metaphor: if you have a car with a diesel engine anyone knows it's a very bad idea to fill your tank with regular fuel. So if my diesel car would actually prevent me from doing this I would not consider this a violation of my freedom, I would welcome it. In our shop we have locked all settings of our calibrated FSI monitors to prevent editors or (god forbid) clients touching the controls of the monitors. Is this a violation of their freedom? No, it prevents people from messing around with carefully calibrated tools and as a result working completely out of specs. Of course you are free to do with your computer whatever you wish, but then don't go blaming the hardware or the software when things do not work as expected. And unfortunately that's what's happening more and more. That's why I think a feature like Gatekeeper is a good thing.

IMO Mountain Lion is just a nice update over Lion. The biggest and most risky transition (recompiling to 64-bit) has been done in Lion (and part of it already in SL), now they can build on this completely new foundation to activate new technologies that were impossible before. And on that road some old technologies will inevitably disappear or fade away. I have just installed Lion and FCP10 on a friend's machine. One click and 30 minutes waiting to install the OS and a simple drag and drop to install FCP10. What a difference with before and what a relief! The day optical drives will be completely gone I'm throwing a huge party and everyone is invited ((-:

Best wishes,


Re: Will Mountain Lion kill off FCP 7 (March 19, 2012 01:22PM) Jose Lozano
Ronny: This is great news... I have been stalling in updating from SL to Lion, due to FCP7 not running on my system. (mac book pro).

Since the threat of losing my account is in store which all of my clients are based out of when it comes to communication, I will update the software since I trust this thread to be true. I just hope all my other applications (Pro-Tools, Digital Performer 7 and CS5) don't have any problems. (by chance do you know if any problems exist with these other apps?

Thanks for the heads up..
Re: Will Mountain Lion kill off FCP 7 (March 19, 2012 07:29PM) ronny courtens
Hi Jose

FCP7 runs perfectly on Lion and on Mountain Lion (gosh if they keep updating at this pace Apple will run out of cats LOL). The difference between the two is not so major as it was between e.g. Leopard and Lion. Whenever an OS gets updated (any OS) there are minor (and sometimes major) issues with third party apps. It's up to the manufacturors of these apps to adapt to the new OS and provide updates for their software. In the past this has been going quite smoothly.

As always the ground rule applies: if you have a good running system and you do not absolutely need to upgrade your OS, wait until the new OS gets more mature and then decide if you will upgrade or not. Very often you can easily skip a few OS versions before you find that updating the OS offers true advantages that are relevant to the work you do on your computer.

Best wishes,

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