on the fly prores capture device

on the fly prores capture device (September 18, 2016 11:53PM) peter rooney
Re: on the fly prores capture device (September 19, 2016 09:47AM) Ken Stone Admin
An excellent product.

My 2 cents.

Re: on the fly prores capture device (September 21, 2016 12:22PM) Joe Redifer
I use an Atomos Ninja Blade 2 with my Canon C100 mark 2 and really like it. Say goodbye to MPEG! I just wish I could delete clips from the device in the field.
Re: on the fly prores capture device (September 21, 2016 09:21PM) peter rooney
A Ninja star has come up for sale locally and I'm going to grab it if I don't get trampled in the rush. Can't wait to try it. On my camera the Sony HVR V1E, whic is a bit old now, there is no way to synchronise the 'record' function from the camera to the Ninja so if I wanted to record on tape and the Ninja I have to ht 'record' on both but no biggy. Indeed as long as the camera is switched on and in record mode the ninja will record whatever it is seeing by simply hitting 'record' on the Ninja. I shot some footage of my son's girlfriend who is a bit of a stunner, surrounded by the flowers in my garden and took a live feed from the HDMI on the camera to my 40in HD TV and the quality is jaw dropping on this veteran camera so I'm very happy to work with it for as long as it holds out. But all the tape logging and re-winding is bound to catch up with it. And as I'm regularly doing Blurays now I look forward to dumping the compressed tape footage and using clean HD Pro Res for an even better Bluray.
Re: on the fly prores capture device (September 22, 2016 08:09AM) Joe Redifer
Oh yes it will definitely help Blu-ray stuffs just as long as you're encoding the files well (using Compresser to make .264's and not letting Encore re-encode them).
Re: on the fly prores capture device (September 23, 2016 03:03AM) peter rooney
"not letting Encore re-encode them"
Exactly Joe, that was something I stumbled on by trial and error when I began working with encore. Now I've ironed out the wrinkles in my process my Blurays look fab on a good HD TV.
Re: on the fly prores capture device (January 09, 2017 06:13AM) JavaPop
I am honestly considering a Ninja 2. The reviews regarding the picture on the monitor is the only thing that concerns me. Planning on using it on my 7D2.

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