Re: Final Cut Pro X DVD / BD burning problem

Final Cut Pro X DVD / BD burning problem (December 10, 2016 05:44PM) coxtel
Hi there ...... I am currently running Final Cut Pro X 10.3.1 on El Capitan on my 2013 Mac Pro and for some reason since going to El Capitan it won't let me burn DVD's or Blue Rays .Im using a Pioneer BDR 209DBK external writer . I went online and firstly checked for any driver updates and installed what I thought was the latest one .
When I click on the share menu and select DVD or Blue ray Final Cut does recognize the writer in the drop down menu and it will start the process and go through the encoding to where it asks me to insert the media . After I put the disc in the drive and hit continue it will start but then stop shortly after that with an unknown error . I then tried exporting the project as a file ( which works fine ) and then imported that into compressor but once again it starts the process but again comes up with an error warning a few minutes later . Ive also tried using Toast ( same problem ) as well as sending the files to the desktop and using the burn to disc function ..... again no luck ......the error warning does say that the communication between the computer and the disc drive failed ( error code 0x80020022 ) .........I have the same version of final cut loaded onto my laptop ( also running on El Capitan and have had no issue burning to the internal writer in the mac .Im starting to think that the Blue Ray writer might be at fault but I thought I would check first to see if anyone had an idea of what the problem may be ..... many thanks Terry
Re: Final Cut Pro X DVD / BD burning problem (December 12, 2016 05:59PM) David Harbsmeier
This might be a long shot but since it isn't working no matter which application you try, you may want to see if another brand of media will work. I have two Blu-ray burners and have found they can sometimes be very picky about the brand and quality of media. Memorex is the worst I've found, Taiyo Yuden seems to be the best. But be aware; all brands have their "value" line of products so stick with the quality stuff.

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