Re: FCP 7 & El Capitan issue

FCP 7 & El Capitan issue (December 27, 2016 05:46AM) filmguy3d
Yes, I still use 7. Had to upgrade to El Capitan in order for the iPad to be current. Now the Canvas & Viewer windows are dark. Any fix for this?
Re: FCP 7 & El Capitan issue (December 27, 2016 09:05AM) Joe Redifer
I'm not sure what you mean by "are dark". Looks normal to me. Are you talking about the unused space outside of the video window? That's supposed to be dark. Hell I wish it were black.
Re: FCP 7 & El Capitan issue (December 27, 2016 09:17AM) filmguy3d
Re: FCP 7 & El Capitan issue (December 27, 2016 11:39AM) Joe Redifer
There is some gamma shifting that I have seen, depending on the application that you use. For example, if I throw together a video in FCPX and then export that, then import it into FCP7, it will be much darker than it appeared in FCPX. If I open something on Quicktime 7, it appears as it does in FCP7. If I open that same video in Quicktime X, it looks as it appears in FCPX. If I upload a video to Youtube exported from FCPX, it looks much worse gamma and saturation-wise. If I upload a video to Youtube from FCP 7, it looks like it did in FCP7 (more or less). It sucks with absolutely no standard anywhere especially in the delivery systems. People say there are standards but clearly YouTube and whatnot are not up to date if that's the case.

Re: FCP 7 & El Capitan issue (December 27, 2016 01:19PM) filmguy3d
Thanks again, your comment has answered a few lingering questions and confusion. Good to know anomalies are not just bequeathed upon me. At this phase of FCP 7 and my '08 mac pro, we are at the end of upgrades and El Capitan is our last available. Grateful it all still grinds along. Happy New Year and Thank You!
Re: FCP 7 & El Capitan issue (December 28, 2016 12:47AM) philsfilm
Given this discussion about El Capitan, does anyone know for sure if FCP 7 and DVD SP4 run in Sierra (10.12.2)?
Re: FCP 7 & El Capitan issue (December 28, 2016 08:44PM) Joe Redifer
FCP7 runs for the most part. Dunno about DVD Studio Pro. I mean it launches for me but I haven't tried to do any work in it.
Re: FCP 7 & El Capitan issue (December 29, 2016 01:23PM) philsfilm
Just did the upgrade to Sierra. FCP 7 and DVDSP4 seem to be A-OK.
Re: FCP 7 & El Capitan issue (January 08, 2017 06:53AM) JavaPop
I'm running FCP 7 and DVD SP with no problems on Sierra 10.12.2

I typically do titles in Motion 5 now, just have to export files as ProRes 4444 XQ. Trying to do more in FCPx; but still prefer legacy for a bunch!

-another fine day at
GreenPeas Productions
Re: FCP 7 & El Capitan issue (January 08, 2017 09:35AM) philsfilm
After a year and thanks to Larry Jordan's excellent tutorials, I'm finally getting quite comfortable and proficient in FCP X.
I do find FCP 7 to be a more solid, stable platform in a number of ways. FCP X still has some bugs and quirks but it's evolving. For certain types of cutting such as montage for music videos, its magnetic timeline lets you really fly and makes editing fun.
It's also interconnected with Motion 5 so that the graphics created can be published and modified in FCP X without having to export files.
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