Re: converting AVCHD files into FCP-7

converting AVCHD files into FCP-7 (December 30, 2016 02:35AM) spope7x7
Requesting help to convert AVCHD files into FCP-version7. Book says to use "Log & Transfer" to import files from hard drive.
The Audio/Video settings are: Sequence: Apple ProRes 422 (LT) 1920x1080 60i 48K. Capture Preset: HDV-Apple ProRes 422
Device Control: Non-Controllable Device Video Playback: Digital Cinema Desktop preview-Main & audio playback Default.
Are these the correct settings?
Re: converting AVCHD files into FCP-7 (December 30, 2016 09:06AM) Joe Redifer
Well that depends. What's the format of your AVCHD files? 1080p 30p? 60p? Nobody shoots interlaced anymore unless you have a really cheap camera or you work in TV where they love interlacing more than life itself. So 60i would likely not be a good present for your sequence.

Also where are the AVCHD files stored? On a camera's card? Downloaded from a server and living on your hard drive? Log and Transfer is really only good if you have a camera's media card mounted on your computer.
Re: converting AVCHD files into FCP-7 (January 09, 2017 04:47AM) spope7x7
Initially I off-loaded AVCHD files via a SDHC Card Reader into an internal hard drive and copied the files, then I launched FCP7 and tried to use "Log & Transfer," to bring in the files to the logging bin. For some reason however FCP-7 would not recognize either the highlighted "Private" file or the AVCHD files within the internal drive. After attempting to drag and drop the files into the bin and again denied, I closed everything and began my plea for help. Later, I reinserted the memory card back into the card reader, but this time with FCP-7 launched and already open, and the files loaded right into the logging bin. Who knew? Anyway, thank you responding, I appreciate you Joe.
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