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Compatibility (January 26, 2017 07:06AM) Wise Guy Productions
hi Folks

I have MacPro 3,1 Quad-Core Intel Xeon with 32GB ram. I fear the machine is bottlenecking at the GeForce 8800GT card with 512mb memory. Id like to upgrade the card to AMD Radeon HD 7950 3GB.

When I bought the machine it came with 10.7... Adobe Creative Suite Cs6 and Final Cut Pro Suite (FCP7) were getting errors and I was advised to downgrade to 10.6 which I did. Now the programs work ok but the computer is so slow, even with dual quads (8 cores) and 32GB ram.

So to upgrade the card, I understand it needs at least 10.7.. Im wondering if there is a benefit to upgrade the OS to like 10.9

1) is this even possible in the computer and
2) will these suites still work with upgraded OS and this card?

Could anyone shed some light on this for me before I drop near 400.00 on a card? thanks.

Re: Compatibility (February 07, 2017 02:18AM) Christoph Vonrhein
The benefit to "upgrade" to a newer OSX is that newer applications will work much better with everything. You will see all the benefits are speed increases that come from the graphics card.

Graphic cards are very important and are used by FCP (7 and X) heavily for any kind of rendering. A better, faster card makes your work flow faster and better.

But also think about that:
I am also holding on a secondary partition OSX 10.7 for testing purposes. Every time when I boot into 10.7 I run into small problems, like some web pages that just don't want to work with Safari 6.1.6 (last update in 2014). Then there are applications that I just can't install on 10.7.

The good thing about 10.7 is that FCP 7 works great on it. There are no compatibility issues, because FCP 7 is made for 10.7.

What I don't like about 10.9 (and higher) is that it tracks you with everything you do. You start your computer, OSX tells Apple that you started your computer (AppStore login). You open your browser, Safari tells Apple that you opened your browser. Whatever you do, you are tracked by somebody. Over are the times, when you were able to work on your computer all by yourself without anybody tracking you.

Very important: Install Little Snitch!! It's a great tool to (at least) limit the relentless tracking of your activities.

Christoph Vonrhein
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