DVDSP 4 on Sierra and DVD DL Authoring Question...

DVDSP 4 on Sierra and DVD DL Authoring Question... (March 01, 2017 01:27PM) ManlyMan7
Hi all, just joined today and am new to the FCP and DVDSP scene, having just received my FCP 7 package almost 2 weeks ago.

I am working on making masters of a video series I shot last Fall so that I can send the set off to a printer to duplicate and print and package the DVDs in cases. 2 1-hour presentations per disc, 14 discs in 2 cases. Big set.

As I have looked around on the web, I am seeing that DVDSP apparently doesn't work on Mac OS X Sierra, but I did successfully author my first of 14 master discs today, complete with a simple menu (on a video screen), and chapter markers. And it does work in my Windows desktop. I am super excited about this as I was gearing up to make a partition on my 2TB HDD to install Mavericks or older). But DVDSP is working here, even if it likes to freeze on me from time to time. I save my work often, and find I can usually reopen the file and pickup where I left off.

But I do have some questions about DVD-DL authoring. Ken sent me a link to Larry Jordan's article, and I have started reading it, but am gathering it is not out to address my questions. The article is here: [larryjordan.com]

My questions are as follows. Basically, with my aim to make DVDs that others can use on other computers and DVD players, is there a setup for DVD-DL that will give me greater resolution than SD while keeping this functional to practically any DVD player? My videos were filmed in 1920 x 1080 resolution and are 5 to 9 GB each. I know I will inevitably loose resolution here, and I am not too worried about that, but am curious what can be practically done to make it a little better than SD without authoring Blue-rays. If there are ways to do this on DVD-DL, then I am sure I can get some of the logistics details from Larry Jordan's article.

Thank you for your help!
Re: DVDSP 4 on Sierra and DVD DL Authoring Question... (March 01, 2017 05:33PM) Joe Redifer
DVDs are standard definition and DVD players can only play back standard definition unless said DVD player happens to also be a Blu-ray player or HD-DVD player. So no. You'll have to make a standard definition DVD and it will be standard definition forever unless you make a Blu-ray which DVD Studio Pro forbids you to do. Apple does not want you making physical discs because it is time to store everything in the cloud (which is stupid I know, but we don't argue with Apple because Apple is God). You can make an AVC-HD DVD but again only Blu-ray players can play it. DVD-DL is about (nearly) doubling the amount of data that can be stored on a single disc. You'd need dual layer DVD-Rs to create them as well.
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