Re: Where Is Everyone?

Where Is Everyone? (May 31, 2017 12:06PM) Tom George
Is everyone so well versed on X that it makes this board so quiet?

Re: Where Is Everyone? (June 01, 2017 06:57AM) Ken Stone Admin
Hi Tom,

Haven't you heard, the latest version of FCP X features 'auto-driving' (read auto editing). Just import your footage, tell FCP X how long you want your movie and walk away. After lunch it will all be done.


Re: Where Is Everyone? (June 01, 2017 09:24AM) Joe Redifer
I don't even have to shoot video any more. I just open FCPX and there it is, already done! I do this any time I want or need a new video.
Re: Where Is Everyone? (June 05, 2017 09:39AM) David
I had a thunderbolt port installed between my eyes, so all I have to do is hook it up and FCP just reads my mind. My videos don't make any sense, but they are entertaining.
Re: Where Is Everyone? (June 08, 2017 08:30AM) XGTV
We're all still here. Covered in dust and cobwebs, quietly ageing like good wine.
Re: Where Is Everyone? (November 11, 2017 10:17AM) Christoph Vonrhein
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