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Problems Transcoding to Proxy (June 14, 2017 01:23AM) game-b
I am editing a film project which was shot in 2K and then transcoded to ProRes. Now I shot some new parts in 4K and the film will be continued in 4K. So I started to transcode the 2K footage into Proxy, but discovered that FCPX was messing up the clips/files. In the folder "Proxy Media" the new order is by date. But some clips ended up in two different folders, which both have the same date (very strange), but were definitely shot on different dates (months difference).

The error seems to be the date. Because the same date error is in the library, when I go into the events.

Is there any way to select or create a new folder, which contains the proxy footage, but with the same name as the event, when I want to transcode the footage?

Example: I have an event called D1. When I transcode the clips of D1 into proxy I want them to be in a new folder called also D1 and NOT 11/02/2016.That messes me up.

Thanks for helping
Re: Problems Transcoding to Proxy (June 14, 2017 02:04AM) game-b
Update: There are even more shootings days, which have the same wrong date. I wonder where this comes from?

So FCPX would create more and more "copies" of the same date, like:

2016-10-27 (1)
2016-10-27 (2)


... and these would be the folders names. I find it strange and confusing.
Re: Problems Transcoding to Proxy (June 14, 2017 05:34AM) VidGreg
Hi Lucian
While some more info would be good, I ran across an issue that may be related.
If the initial projects were done in FCPX 10.2.X and you upgraded to 10.3 the libraries got updated. This changed all projects and snapshots to the date that the conversion happened, in other words the first time you opened 10.3 the creation date changed to that date/time. Date/Time stamps are the default naming in FCPX. To avoid this issue you needed to have renamed everything.
Could this be what happened? Did you update to 10.3 maybe on Oct 27th, 2016?? Think you can go to your applications folder and see the creation date for final cut pro and this date may correspond.

I filed a bug report, but don't know if this got fixed in later FCPX updates.

Hope this helps, Greg
Re: Problems Transcoding to Proxy (June 14, 2017 06:23AM) game-b
Thanks, Greg, that might have been the origin of the problem. But: what can I do now?
Re: Problems Transcoding to Proxy (June 17, 2017 02:38AM) ronny courtens
For those who are following this thread: Lucian and I have been discussing this over e-mail. Actually the "problem" was created by converting the original MTS media to ProRes 422 outside of FCP X without renaming the clips. He then imported the ProRes 422 files as original media in FCP X.

Of course these ProRes 422 files have their own creation dates, which don't have anything to do anymore with the actual dates at which the footage was shot. Some of these clips may have the same name, creation date and even TC. When you create proxy media of such clips, FCP X will create 'fcp1' versions and it may put clips inside different folders. This is irrelevant as it's just internal database management that we never need to access. So actually there is no real problem at all.

Best wishes,

Re: Problems Transcoding to Proxy (June 17, 2017 07:49AM) Ken Stone Admin
Thanks Ronny,

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