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Exporting as Transparent (June 14, 2017 11:42PM) pnutsnz
hi Ken and team, Hope all is going well with everybody.

I have a problem that might be simple to get around - just can't think of it at the moment!...
Not sure if the solution is to do with FCPX or VirtualDJ at this stage....

What I am doing is exporting videos from FCPX to "Virtual DJ". Within Virtual DJ you can run live videos out to the main screens like announcements, whats coming up etc. At the moment the videos I run like 'quick titles' , 'announcements' etc over-power the current video playing. Be nice to have the titles "overlay" the current video playing. Looks more professional.
The downside is these have to be pre-done, then ran on the night. That part is not really an issue. I can make up a bunch of the most common titles needed, then just call them up when needed.
The real issue I have is wanting to run the videos over top of the current video playing, so need to export with Transparency, or an Alpha channel I believe it is called.
I have tried a few options, but the combinations of all things possible are too numerous to go through with trial and error :).

Would any body have any ideas within FCPX to achieve this?.

Thanks everybody!.
Re: Exporting as Transparent (June 17, 2017 02:51AM) ronny courtens
Hey Pete,

If you want to export clips with an alpha channel, you just need to select ProRes 4444 in the Share destinations.

This is a title I have dropped onto the FCP X Timeline. Then I select Share > Master File > ProRes 4444 to export the clip with an alpha channel.

Then I import the ProRes 4444 file back into FCP X, drop the clip onto a background, and you can see that the title is keyed over the background.

Best wishes,

Re: Exporting as Transparent (June 17, 2017 11:56AM) pnutsnz
Hello Ronny, and so nice to hear from you!.
Thanks for the tip. I shall try it.

Hope all is well with you guys!.


Re: Exporting as Transparent (June 17, 2017 12:55PM) pnutsnz
Hey Ronny,

Well looks like it may not be able to be done. As I can export using 4444, it does in fact appear on the timeline as transparent when imported, but the DJ program still won't display as transparent.
Might be because of this:
First I do the titles in FCPX <--> Share using the above settings <--> Then I have to transcode to MPEG4 for VirtualDJ to read it <--> The only option I am giving in the export is H264 (using MPEG Streamline).

So maybe the file has to remain in raw format for the transparency to be maintained?. Guessing that gets dropped when changing to MP4.....

Thanks Ronny - there might be a work around?.

The only option I thought was if I could run the titles from QT player (or similar) and export the video out superimposing onto of the main video out - not with VirtualDJ?.
Gee, it is getting complicated to say the least :).

Cheers for now,

Re: Exporting as Transparent (June 17, 2017 06:56PM) ronny courtens
Re: Exporting as Transparent (June 17, 2017 11:20PM) pnutsnz
Wow Ronny - thank you so much. That was both detailed and helpful!.

I shall try that. I owe you heaps for this :).


Re: Exporting as Transparent (June 17, 2017 11:56PM) pnutsnz
Hi Ronny,

Well, had a go with the above instructions. Got a weird result.... but believe I am making progress :).

I downloaded the App to convert to HAP w/Alpha.
Exported from FCPX as Pro Res 4444.
Imported into AVF Batch Converter.
Chose HAP w/Alpha.
Imported into VirtualDJ onto a spare video window by itself, and it does import in, when I play it - I get just a black screen.
Then I try to import into the "Video Effects" area of VirtualDJ (where the videos can be overplayed to the main video playing), and I get an "Error" message there. (just displays 'error' where the title should be.

I might be doing something wrong?. I shall await your reply - and have a go tomorrow as it is getting near midnight here!.

Thanks again Ronny!.
Re: Exporting as Transparent (June 18, 2017 12:05AM) ronny courtens
Do you have version 8 of Virual DJ?

Best wishes,

Re: Exporting as Transparent (June 18, 2017 01:27PM) pnutsnz
Hi Ronny - That would be a no, Was not impressed with version 8 - the demo version I tried ran a bit 'buggy' in places.
I am using version 7.0.4 for mac.

You think that might be the problem?.

As always - thanks!.

Re: Exporting as Transparent (June 19, 2017 07:05AM) ronny courtens
Re: Exporting as Transparent (June 19, 2017 06:39PM) pnutsnz
Oh thought so.

Thanks Ronny for all the help. Still good to find out....

Cheers for now,

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