DRAGGING PROJECTS IN FCP X? (December 14, 2017 12:35PM) jrosson
Hello Ken, Folks,

A question about moving projects within a single library.
We are editing within a single library with a number of events and an associated project (timeline) for each.
With legacy FCP 7, it was easy to drag & stack the finished pieces (individual timelines) into one master timeline -- for the finished product.
How does that work with X? We've tried to drag one finished timeline into a master -- but it doesn't work.

Thank you,
Re: DRAGGING PROJECTS IN FCP X? (December 15, 2017 05:18PM) Joe Redifer
Maybe try going into a timeline you want to move, select all (command + a) copy (command + c) and then go to the timeline you want to move it to, move the playhead to the end and paste (command + v)?

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