Best format for FCPX

Best format for FCPX (March 23, 2020 11:46AM) Huntyjune
I am new to this forum.
Just wanted some advice - if I am shooting AVCHD On my Sony AX33
Is 50i 50p or 25p the best option for FCPX.

I have had some juddering in pans so I am trying to avoid that.

Thank you
Re: Best format for FCPX (March 23, 2020 09:20PM) Joe Redifer
Either 25p or 50p would be great. Stay away from interlaced if you can (any resolution ending with a lower case i). Interlaced is the resolution that primitive cavemen used hundreds of thousands of years ago. Obviously 50p is a faster frame rate than 25p. Some might even say twice as fast. So for a more "cinemamtic" feel you might choose 25p. For a more video-y feel you might choose 50p. FCP can handle both with ease.
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