Studio Pro 2 - Menus

December 29, 2003

DVD Studio Pro 2
All About Menus
Standard Menus vs. Layered Menus
Motion Menus: Compositing / Looping with Highlights
Aspect Ratios between Compositor and Photoshop
and Basic Scripting with three project examples

By: Alex Alexzander

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Please Note:
Due to the size of this document and the many color images, we have determined that it is simply too large to display it as a single page. There are three major chapters to this document. Use the links at the top and bottom of any of these chapters to hop from chapter to chapter.

Chapter One: Standard and Layered Menus

Standard Menus

  1. Standard menus
  2. Layered menus
  3. Simple highlights
  4. Advanced highlights

Layered Menus

  1. Working with PSD-based layered menus

Chapter Two: Motion Menus

  1. Compositing for motion menus
  2. Using shapes and drop zones for pseudo-motion menus
  3. Compositing / Looping menu with overlay and simple highlights
  4. Aspect ratios between compositor and Photoshop
  5. Menu tab settings for DVD Studio Pro 2

Chapter Three: Basic scripting with DVD Studio Pro 2

  1. Create a Hollywood style setup page for audio and subtitles
  2. Smart random playback of tracks with track elimination and counter
  3. Scripting to test for aspect ratio setup (4:3 / 16:9)


[Chapter One] [Chapter Two] [Chapter Three]

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