Rolling Credits.

Rolling Credits. (January 04, 2017 08:52AM) JavaPop
I am trying to ad rolling credits to a performance, and getting some flickering in the final product. I found this older tutorial by Ken. (Rolling credits start at :17)

Now the important part, I'm using legacy FCP 7 and did the credits using a psd file. Pretty much followed the instructions to a T.
Any ideas?


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Re: Rolling Credits. (January 04, 2017 03:56PM) Joe Redifer
I'm not seeing ANY flickering. Looks fine. I do see some judder but that can be fixed/minimized by slowing down the scrolling.

Re: Rolling Credits. (January 05, 2017 01:31PM) Christoph Vonrhein
Hey, cool. I live in Georgia. :-)

The scroll looks ok, if I disregard the usual YouTube stutter and compression video problems.

But I can imagine what you see in the scroll on your monitor. Using an image with a fixed resolution can easily flicker when it's moving if only the slightest thing is not setup perfectly.

Designated plugins can do the job without flicker, because they can render to the exact resolution. I still offer such a plugin (The Text-collection) for legacy FCP… There is a demo version in the Download section on my website.

Christoph Vonrhein
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