Re: 16mm. film filter for FCP X

16mm. film filter for FCP X (January 16, 2017 11:04AM) philsfilm
Does anyone know of a filter for FCP X that gives the look of 16mm. film projected: sprockets, frame lines, scratches,
jitter, etc.?
Re: 16mm. film filter for FCP X (January 16, 2017 12:27PM) Joe Redifer
Would love the same, but for 35mm as well. I have never in my life seen a filter have scratches look correct. They're always moving around and stuff. There needs to be an option for scratches that don't bob and weave and stay there 100% of the time. Also an option for base and emulsion scratches would be cool. Lines from tape splices would be nice (this would be a separate transition effect). Same with reel change cues. I don't think the people who create the filters really understand film.

Re: 16mm. film filter for FCP X (January 16, 2017 01:34PM) philsfilm
Yeah, they're probably millennials. LOL
I was a projectionist running two 35mm. Simplex projectors and had to deal with the 12 second changeover cues.
What I would really like is a filter that shows full aperture with sprocket holes. Lines from tape splices as in the old film
workprints would be nice, too.
Re: 16mm. film filter for FCP X (January 18, 2017 08:28PM) Christoph Vonrhein
I have a special Filter that runs with FCP 7. It's the Film-Filter. I did not yet convert it to FCP X yet however.

The plugin scratches your video up pretty good. It adds noise, tints the colors, puts hair in the film that is stuck in the projector and all those things that make a newly shot nice video look like it was filmed on a old analog film and was sitting in a wet basement for the last 30 years.

Look here:


Christoph Vonrhein
Re: 16mm. film filter for FCP X (January 18, 2017 11:42PM) philsfilm
That looks pretty good, Chris. "Aged Film" on FCP X does a good job, too.

Do you know what would be really great however?
A filter that recreates the look of a film frame being stuck in a projector gate and burning. I've seen
it a couple of times in Hollywood movies. The latest is LA LA LAND where the young couple is watching REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE in a movie theater.
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