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what to do.... (December 02, 2017 09:58AM) pnutsnz
Hello everyone,

At present I have a dilemma, with regards to what direction I need to go.
I mentioned earlier about needing a machine that handles multiple video outs (for creating video wall), and thanks to Ken for mentioning the new iMac Pro. It certainly is an impressive machine.
I know I have to do something with what I have got, as it is getting too frustrating to say the least. When I start FCPX up, I get the spinning beach ball for ages (well, 3 minutes - seems like ages :). I have time to shoot away, make coffee, and put the washing on, and I am still waiting. When I change a filter, or change settings - same thing. Just recently when I start FCPX, I get nothing on the Viewer within the program. I get it on the Video output, no probs. But when I click on the timeline to run the video - the outputs are blank. This will be due to, mostly, the on board machine RAM - which is 8GB. That I understand. But to increase the machine to something useable is going to cost around $500.00. Should I do that, or stop wasting good money after bad, and go for something expandable with what I want to add to the machine? (MacPro tower).
The mac I have now is only 2 years old, (iMac Retina 5K 2015, costing $4200.00). I look at my PC friends running Premiere on their machines costing way less, with a lot more on board, they leave me for dead.
One thing I have noticed is over the last 20 years, I have always been 'behind the 8 ball'. Never really managed to get a useable setup right out of the box.
That said, any ideas?. Better still, if some of you could post to me the configurations that you have working 100%, and are satisfied with, that would be a great help!. Give me some direction at least.

Thanks again for any input - it really matters :).

Re: what to do.... (December 13, 2017 03:24AM) Christoph Vonrhein
The incredible and vast amount of answers to your message over the past 10 days is a sign for the popularity of FCP X and how many people (still) use it.

Unfortunately, too many users have left Apple in terms of video editing and switched to Premiere or other solutions.

You are not alone with your experience of FCP X' behavior. Even I see it. Of course you can clean up your Mac, get a faster hard drive, reinstall FCP X or even the whole OSX... but the lingering problem will remain.

I am using a 7 year old "mid 2010 Mac Pro" that I got though eBay for a few hundred bucks. It's a massive machine which cost way past $5000 back then. I kinda doubt that Apple will ever release a nice new Mac Pro with expansions slots and all that good stuff ever again. The iPhone is making just too much money and the Mac Pro market is not attractive anymore for Apple, simply due to the sales numbers (in comparison).

To work efficiently I am working on two 30" monitors. That's something that a iMac can't give me. Well, I could put a second monitor next to an iMac, but it's just not the same. So I am kinda stuck with an "old" Mac Pro and even those 12 Xeon cores make my Mac show a beachball with FCP X quite a lot of times.

I also have a PC (ok, it's a Mac with Bootcamp) to run Windoze stuff. Premiere runs pretty good on it. Adobe did a great job. If I compare Adobe with Apple, then I feel that Adobe does more than Apple for their customers. Adobe's only business is software. Apple's main business is the iPhone. That's where the priorities are. Face the reality.

(ok... that wound up to sound depressive... sorry!)

Christoph Vonrhein
Re: what to do.... (December 13, 2017 06:02AM) Tom George

Have you looked into Other World Computer (OWC)? They are They deal in a lot of old Mac equipment.

Re: what to do.... (December 13, 2017 09:50AM) Christoph Vonrhein
I know OWC. But when I compare OWC with offers from private people on eBay, then I see that I can get a better deal on eBay than with OWC.

Currently I'm fine. My Mac Pro has all possible upgrades. There is nothing that any other Mac Pro or iMac can offer me of any value. Even the 2013 Mac Pro does not give me any advantages. And after that Apple did not release any more Mac Pros. The iMacs are not interesting for my work.

Christoph Vonrhein
Re: what to do.... (December 13, 2017 09:58AM) Ken Stone Admin
Hi Guys,

The new iMac PRO starts shipping next week.


Re: what to do.... (December 13, 2017 10:35AM) Christoph Vonrhein
As impressive as the technical specs looks like, the iMac Pro is useless for me.

Why? That's why:

- 27" Monitor
After working for over 10 years on two 30" monitors, a 27" is a step down.

- Minimum OSX: 10.11 (El Capitan)
For some certain software development I need to be able to also run the old 10.7 (Lion).

- Minimum Windows version: Windows 10
I do not use Windoze 10! I need to be able to run Windoze 7 for my software development for certain customers.

- $5000 for the entry level model
OUCH! Entry level! I don't even want to know what the 18 core with 128 GB RAM will cost. Ok, I just googled it:


QUADRUPLE OUCH!!!! That's just insane!

The base iMac Pro is $4,999
Going from 8 to 18 CPU cores will be $3,987
Going from 32GB to 128GB RAM will be $2,691
Going from 8GB to 16GB high-bandwidth video RAM will be $2,044
Going from 1TB flash storage to 4TB will be $3,603

I think I'm going to spent that kind of money better by replacing my old BMW X3 with a newer one... and still have money left.

Christoph Vonrhein
Re: what to do.... (December 14, 2017 04:58AM) Ken Stone Admin
Hi Christoph,

I was going to send you a fully loaded iMac Pro for the holidays but seeings how you said that you don't want one ....

I actually wonder who is going to but this machine, it's not exactly what one would call s 'stocking stuffer'.

Re: what to do.... (December 17, 2017 04:30PM) Christoph Vonrhein
One moment! I mean that I would not buy one for that price. But if you are so generous to get me one... I think I can make some room for it. ;-) (Desperately trying to save the X-Mas present)

I think it's a machine for companies who make some really good money and have employees / artists that are paid very well. $17,000 for an iMac is an acceptable price when someone works on it who costs the company $200,000 per year.

But for the regular normal user is such an expensive machine hardly justifiable. Even for me would such an expensive computer not really make any sense. My work would not go faster and it would not enhance my efficiency. My 2010 12-core Mac Pro ($600 on eBay) hooked up to two 30" Apple monitors and a 12 TB Raid is just fine. In my daily work I wouldn't even notice if it would be twice as fast.

Christoph Vonrhein
Re: what to do.... (December 13, 2017 02:13PM) Tom George
Christoph, the reason I use OWC is that they have a warranty but not sure what a private person would do if you didn't like the equipment or it doesn't work as advertized. Tom
Re: what to do.... (December 28, 2017 12:17PM) pnutsnz
Wow, sorry guys. I had not checked this for a while - lots of great answers. Thanks.

Yes, At the present I am looking at a 2010 intel Mac Pro tower ($700.00US on local auction) - that would automatically give me 6 PCI cards, among other goodies.
The new iMac Pro is impressive, but the $5000.00 price tag Equates to $8500.00NZ. Out of the question. Just cannot justify it. I have not owned cars that cost that. That will change when I get my Lambo Aventador delivered - Not :).

There is one thing That I need from the start - ability to run 4 monitors at least. Rest will fall into place.

Thanks for now....

Re: what to do.... (January 09, 2018 01:42AM) Christoph Vonrhein
Just on a side note: Get your Lambo in this color, please:

I got mine in light blue and it looks tacky.

Christoph Vonrhein
Re: what to do.... (January 19, 2018 10:00PM) pnutsnz
Christoph, you own a Lambo?!. Gee, Thats kewl.
Although the colour is not the main factor holding me back!.
But I shall take it under advisement.
I certainly admire Lambo for many reasons, the design, and the man behind the car. Also the fact that he had a kiwi test driver (Bob Wallace). Last I heard Bob was working in the USA.
I own a couple of Countach's - well okay they are prints.....

Where are you based / from Cristoph?.


Re: what to do.... (January 26, 2018 01:13AM) Christoph Vonrhein
Of course I own a Lambo. It's a really cool 1:10 scale light blue model I have on my shelve. Got it from eBay for cheap. The real 1:1 ones are kinda expensive. ;-)

With cars I stay real. A german SUV, so I can take my dogs to the dog park. Safe, inexpensive (compared to a Lambo), fuel efficient, reliable (as opposed to any super car) and it can drive in snowy conditions. ;-)

I'm from Germany, but now I live in Atlanta, GA (Marietta) since 2008.

Christoph Vonrhein
Re: what to do.... (February 05, 2018 03:02PM) pnutsnz
Haha, well done. Yes, model cars are a lot cheaper than the real ones - that is for sure!.
Well, in that respect I own a Diablo metal die cast (Yellow).
I guess in real life Lambos are a bit impracticable - vision is a bit hard I am told, and no towing ability for a trailer. Backing them is not so hot either. I think I would *still* put up with those set backs!.

Gee, You are certainly International, born in Germany, residing in the US. It would be great to be based in the US - easy making the decision, impossible in practice - a lot of loop holes to jump through, with tough criteria to meet.

That life....

Thanks again,
Re: what to do.... (July 21, 2018 04:15AM) Christoph Vonrhein
Quick followup: If you want a really fast car with lots of practicability, then get a BMW X5 M. Over 500 hp and the luxury of a BMW will just blow your mind.

Christoph Vonrhein
Re: what to do.... (September 08, 2018 04:23PM) pnutsnz
I did forget to reply to this.... Yes the BMW's are really impressive. My fellow Tech has an M3 - by geez it can move. A neat little two door car, that has the grunt when needed.

I will have to stick to my Mitsubishi L300 van (for carting equipment around) - a lot easier with loading!.

Re: what to do.... (December 13, 2018 12:47PM) steve douglas
I know people will disagree but my gut tells me that when Apple went from the 32 bit Studio to FCX (even tho it was now 64 bit) it was the beginning of the end for Apple's editing community. I have nothing I can point to to prove that other than the original FCX was missing so many features, came with a whole new interface, and completely changed up keyboard shortcuts that made me feel as if I had to learn a whole new application from the ground up, after spending years becoming semi expert in FCP Studio.

Who here has an extra $17,000 for a fully loaded iMac? My mid 2010 2x 2.66 GHz 6 core Intel Xeon will have to hold up another 1 or 2 decades.

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