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You Tube Download (November 01, 2008 10:55AM) Tom George
How do I download a You Tube video on a PC and burn it to DVD on a Mac?

Re: You Tube Download (November 02, 2008 08:09AM) Luis Rafael Cosme

go to and download the YouTube video.
then drag and drop it to a flash drive, or another mobile media device,
drag and drop it onto your desktop on the mac,
open your burning software and walah!

or if both computers are connected to a router,
just drag and drop from the pc to the mac's desktop...

Re: You Tube Download (November 02, 2008 08:34AM) Tom George

Tried that but when I try to play it on my desktop I get a message saying the Real Player encountered a problem and has to close.

Now what?

Re: You Tube Download (November 02, 2008 09:18AM) Luis Rafael Cosme
real player is not my choice of players for those files.

FLV player or adobe.
you can download the flv player here: []

or right click the file and play it with quicktime or something else.
maybe windows media player...
it depends what type of file you downloaded.
if you downloaded an mpg4 file then you can even play it with Windows Movie Maker I think..
Re: You Tube Download (November 07, 2008 11:14AM) Elijah
As far as downloading it goes, the Download Helper add-on for Friefox does a very nice job for Youtube videos. It even detects the quality versions and gives that to you as an option now too!

I use VLC media player to play FLV files (Open source/Cross Platform).

As for burning to a DVD I would guess you would have to convert this to Mpeg 2 first and I beleive that VLC has a wizard for this but am unsure as to exactly how this works.

If I find out I will post back. I am 2 months new to Macs and have only burned 1 disc so far.
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